Linggo, Mayo 29, 2011


Flowers are God's creation for us to appreciate. The lively colors of such creation add beauty to this planet.


This place I discovered while doing the rounds at the Manila Seedling Foundation Inc. The caretaker told me that the owner is renting-out this place. What a lovely place to stay with a big garden. I was told that this is for rent for 25K a month. Not bad.


One of the things I like are bonsai. If only I was younger I could have indulge in this kind of hobby. Taking care of bonsai takes a lot of personal care.


Here are some more photos of tiendesitas. Photos were taken in other locations of the place. I like this place because it promotes the Filipino style of life. My photos can't be compared to professional photographers.

Biyernes, Mayo 27, 2011


I like the place tiendesitas. There is where I would meet my clients. With Hypermart already there. I can buy the things in the grocery and other things I need.


As I was walking just to while away my time, I looked up the sky and what I saw, a kubo atop a building. How I wish I could be there to have a panoramic view of our place so I can take more pictures.


I thought chedeng the storm had changed it's course. To my surprise when I went out yesterday friday at 5:30 pm, it was raining hard. Good thing it stopped after 10 minutes when I'm already soaked-wet.

Huwebes, Mayo 26, 2011


These photos were sourced from the net. Professional photographers could have taken these pics. These are lovely photos that I enjoy looking at them.


Here are some of my personal documents.