Miyerkules, Hunyo 22, 2011


The pictures here were taken to practice focusing the digicam i use in taking photos. Just plain pictures to get by my leisure time, to unwind, to relax and to support the text in  this blog.


Pocket gardens in the city add color to the drabness of the environs. Thick greens as a result of small gardens in every vacant space will always be a good place to while the time away. School boys and girls can study or just play around.


These kind of transporters are getting popular these days. Having these makes mobility easier. More and more riders are packing the streets. Good or bad, this is bound to happen. Happy motoring or plain biking.

Martes, Hunyo 21, 2011

★ Funniest Home Videos part 186

America's Funniest Bloopers (AFV satire)

Daddy scares baby!! Funny!

Hey There Charlie!! Charlie bit me song!!!


I normally pass this place because it is very near my place. I would normally take the jeepney going to marikina, cainta and other rizal municipalities. I would while away my time or just passing thru going to other places. Other photos are from other places in Pasig city.


De-clogging waterways with debris is being done by the city government. Greening this waterway will give water transport a new lease of life. Silts and trash should be removed underneath this river and any river for that matter in this city.


I have taken the three photos of the paintings displayed in the mall. Unluckily I don't remember the painter. Sorry for that. Anyway I think he won't mind my posting the photos here in my blog. Other photos are the motokarera held in the city. Another photo is a pocket garden.